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A2L File Does not Open with ASAP2 Studio, No Valid License Found

Last updated: 2019-11-11

When I double-click my A2L file it does not open with ASAP2 Studio. ASAP2 Studio displays no valid license found even though the license identification is connected (hardware- or software-based license according Legacy License Model). How can I view A2L files with ASAP2 Studio on double click?


Possibly the A2L file type is not assigned to the correct default progam. Associate ASAP2StudioEditor.exe as the default program for this file type (not ASAP2StudioCANape.exe)

To do this, please right click the A2L file and select Open with.

Under Windows 10 you may need to select More apps, then scroll down and click Look for another app on this PC.

 You find the executable in a path similar to this one:
C:\Program Files\Vector ASAP2 Studio\ASAP2StudioCANape 1.6\Bin

Be sure to check the Always use this app to open .a2l files option to permanently associate A2L files with this program.


ASAPStudioEditor.exe must be used when opening an A2L file out of Windows explorer.

ASAPStudioCANape.exe is only used when opening an A2L file out of CANape.

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