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Sharing Custom Tools Amongst VectorCAST Users

Last updated: 2019-11-05
I have configured a couple of Custom Tools in VectorCAST, but I would like all the users in my unit testing group to have access to them. How can I do that?

Custom tools can be shared with other users without also sharing other GUI options, such as the recent environment list or the window layout. First, one user configures the custom tools in VectorCAST using Tools | Custom Tools | Edit Custom Tools. Once the user exits VectorCAST, the custom tools settings are saved to the custom-tools.ini file in .vcast-qt-config folder which is located in the directory pointed to by the %HOMEPATH% environment variable (Windows), or the $HOME environment variable (Unix).

This file (or a copy) is then placed in a location that is accessible by everyone in the group. The users in the group set the environment variable VCAST_COMMON_VCAST_QT_DIR to point to the full path where the file is located. When they start VectorCAST, the common tools menu and toolbar show both their own custom tools, which are editable, as well as the common custom tools, which are not editable.

If the common custom tools need to be modified, one user sets the environment variable VCAST_EDIT_COMMON_OPTIONS to 1 before starting VectorCAST. Only the common custom tools are visible and editable; the user's own custom tools are not visible. When the modifications are done and the user has exited VectorCAST, they should unset VCAST_EDIT_COMMON_OPTIONS before restarting VectorCAST.

The common tools configuration can also be import via the Tools | Custom Tools | Edit Custom Tools option and then selecting import.


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