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VectorCAST Silent Install in Windows

Last updated: 2019-11-05
We have a large installed base for VectorCAST for Windows. It would be advantageous if we could kick off a batch job to install VectorCAST on a particular machine, rather than having to step through the prompts. 

There are two parts to a silent installation of VectorCAST. The first is to record a silent install answers file. The second is to run the installation using the recorded answers.

  1. To record a silent Install
    • To record the silent installation you simply have to run the setup.exe once and all the responses will be recorded to a file you specify.
    • In a command prompt run the following command (You may change RESPONSE_FILE to a file name of your choosing)
      setup.exe -r -f1”RESPONSE_FILE.iss”
    • The -r argument tells setup.exe that you want to record the installation responses.
    • The -f1 argument specifies the filename of the response file.
    • When recording the responses please keep in mind that the path through the InstallShield is determined by the configuration of the machine your are running on. For example if you already have VectorCAST installed on the machine you will be presented with the choice to upgrade or maintain the installation. The recording process will capture every response so be sure to take that into consideration before recording.
    • If you receive any permission errors while attempting to record, please try to open the command prompt as an administrator.
  2. To run a silent install
    • In a command prompt simply run the following
      setup.exe -s -f1"RESPONSE_FILE.iss"
    • The -s argument tells setup.exe that this will be a silent install.
    • The -f1 argument specifies the filename to read the answers from. You can also optionally pass -f2"LOG_FILE.log" which will log any errors to the file specified. This is useful if the silent installation process fails.

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