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Supporting Spaces in Paths

Last updated: 2019-11-07
I want to install VectorCAST in the C:\Program Files\VCAST directory on Windows. Is this supported?

It is important to understand where spaces are allowed:

  • The VectorCAST installation directory can have spaces in its path.
  • Directories (search directories and library includes) containing your source code under test can have spaces in their paths.

and where they are not allowed:

  • The working directory (where the environment is built) cannot have spaces in its path.

Spaces in the path to the working directory (the directory in which environments are stored) are not permitted. This restriction is due to the fact that many compilers, including Microsoft compilers, have problems with spaces in the paths to source code files when using the command line to compile.

If the user installs VectorCAST into C:\Program Files\VCAST and then attempts to create an environment in the default directory, C:\Program Files\VCAST\Environments, VectorCAST will not permit the environment to be built. The user is informed that a different working directory must be chosen. If the user creates environments in a location that does not contain spaces, then this issue will not occur.

As always, you can add search directories and library include directories that contain spaces in the paths to the create new environment wizard. VectorCAST converts these paths to DOS-safe names (using 8.3 notation) on Windows.

It is possible to create an environment using the command line version of VectorCAST, called CLICAST, in a working directory that contains spaces. Even so, the test harness cannot be built properly so tests cannot be executed.

In conclusion, if the user wants to install VectorCAST in the C:\Program Files\VCAST directory, it is supported. However, it is recommended that the user creates a working directory somewhere else, such as C:\Testing\Environments, and then modify the startup menu item to point to the new working directory.

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