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'OpenLastProject' Flag as Default Setting for Windows Start Menu Entry

Last updated: 2019-11-20
When starting vSignalyzer, the project has been used at last will be opened. This behavior is different to CANape where the window is coming up asking to select a project.

Figure 1: Window for selecting a project

Depending on which software is installed (vSignalyzer or CANape), a different flag for the Windows start menu is set automatically.

For vSignalyzer the ‘OpenLastProject’ flag is defined as default setting preventing the ‘Select Project’ window to come up.  However, there are cases in which this flag is not recommended to use (see below).

The reconfiguration can be done by opening Properties in the context menu of vSignalyzer shortcut icon. In the Shortcut section of vSignalyzer Properties the ‘-OpenLastProject’ flag can be replaced by ‘-SelectProject’ flag.

Figure 2: vSignalyzer Properties


In which case it is not recommended to use the ‘OpenLastProject’ flag?

E. g. when different users work on the same computer. There are scenarios where some users save their projects in directories which are not accessible for other users.

Thus, the last opened project could not be started when a user tries to execute vSignalyzer.

In this case vSignalyzer could not be opened because of the missing permission to access the last opened project.

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