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Overview of Different Scripting Methods

Last updated: 2019-12-03

Automation Interface:

The DaVinci Configurator Pro can execute defined scripts out of the box. No additional scripting language installation is required by the customer.

  • Scripts have to be written in Groovy (preferred) or Java.
  • Manipulate the data model with an access to the whole AUTOSAR model.
  • Generate code.
  • Create and update projects.
  • Execute repetitive tasks with code, without user interaction.
  • You can create script files and script projects.

For more details please refer to the documentation in the DaVinciConfigurator|Core-|Automationinterface|_doc folder.
The AutomationInterface has different script task types with which the following actions can be implemented:

  1. Application
    • Create new projects.
    • Read/modify/write ARXML file.
  2. Project
    • Modify the ECUC of the loaded project.
    • Modify the SystemDescription of the loaded project.
    • Utilize the model API (Bswmd model, MDF model, operations, transactions).
    • Utilize domain API (Communication, runtime, and all other domains).
  3. UI
    • Perform actions on selected items in the GUI.
  4. Generation
    • Code generations.
    • Validators including solving actions.
  5. Workflow
    • Custom workflow steps.

VASE (Vector AUTOSAR Scripting Engine):

The Vector AUTOSAR Scripting Engine comes as a command line tool that is configured via command line options. 

  • Scripts have to be written in IronPython.
  • Does not change the model files. Instead, new files are created that take the name of the given inbound files plus a given postfix string.
  • Parameterized by the definition of user variables.
  • Further modules can be imported in the script.
  • Creation of log entries from within a script.
  • Execution of several scripts in one go.

For more details please refer to the documentation in the documentation folder of your Vector AUTOSAR Scripting Engine installation.
VASE represents a working implementation of the following abilities:

  1. Expose a uniform and detailed model API to the user.
  2. Provide the ability to use the model API in a scripting environment.
  3. Provide the ability to execute scripts that utilize the model API.

So with VASE the customer can load ARXML-files, execute the script and save the changes in new files.

Please refer to the documentations for more detailed information.

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