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Hard- and Software Requirements for Working with Sensor Protocol SENT

Last updated: 2020-01-31

What software and hardware components are required to simulate and test with sensors that communicate via SENT?


For measuring SENT protocol, CANoe is required with the option .SENSOR

As hardware there are generally two options from Vector

  • The VN network interfaces VN1530, VN1531, VN1640 and VN1640A can be used with the SENSORpiggy SENT (part no. 22435). For details see the Accessories for Network Interfaces CAN / LIN / IO / Ethernet / FlexRay and the  Transceiver Compatibility List. This transceiver is supported by CANoe.SENSOR from version 12.0 SP2.
  • Alternatively a VT2710 can be used. This requires a PSI5SENTpiggy (part. no 29090). This transceiver also supports the PSI5 interface. Up to four PSI5 or SENT channels can be configured via piggy circuit boards. Additionally, the PSI5SENTpiggy allows the emulation of electrical errors like shorts to GND, VBAT, signal lines or external potentials as well as variable in-line-resistances and inter-line-capacities. The VT2710 + PSI5SENTpiggy is supported by CANoe.SENSOR from version 9.0 SP3.
The piggies of VN1600 and VT72710 are different in hard- and software and thus not exchangeable.
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