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Difference Between Conventional CANape Projects and Container Projects

Last updated: 2019-12-20

What is the difference between conventional CANape projects and container projects?


The common way to work with projects in CANape is to organize and to manage them in a file system where a working directory contains all project-related subfolders and files, see also CANape help | Index | Project Directory for detailed information.

Figure 1: Example of CANape project directory

On contrary, the so called container projects store all relevant subfolders and files in a single compressed file. Working in Container Mode is supported since CANape V16.0.10. Depending on software (CANape or vMeasure), the CNCC or CNMC file format is used.

Figure 2: Container project file

When the container project is loaded in CANape, all the files will be extracted into the temporarily created Project files subfolder.

What are advantages using container projects compared to conventional CANape projects?

  • Easy to share, since only single file to hand over.
  • Easy to manage, since the creator of a container project can select individually which files to include. When loading the container, all the project-related files are already configured. Therefore, there is practically no effort necessary to continue the project at once in a new environment.
  • Since the cncc/cnmc files are compressed, their size is smaller. Up to certain size the cncc/cnmc files can even be sent by e-mail.

For further information about container projects, e. g. how to create them or how to manage the files to be included see CANape help | Index | Container Projects.

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