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Migration of VN5610 TAP/VN5640 Direct Connection with TAP (legacy)

Last updated: 2020-01-16

A CANoe/CANalyzer configuration utilizing a VN5610 with TAP bypassing enabled or a VN5640 using the operation mode Direct Connection with TAP (legacy) cannot be automatically migrated to port-based network access. In such legacy configurations each Ethernet transceiver (channel) is assigned to a separate Ethernet network. In port-based network access all ports attached to a segment are exclusively available in exactly one network (see Figure 1).

 Figure 1: All Ports attached to a segment belong to the same network

With port-based network access the functionality provided by the legacy VN5610 TAP bypassing can be realized much more elegant. This can be done by means of configuring a switch segment and assigning two ports physical to it.

For the hardware configuration of a VN5610 you can define one switch segment, comprising two ports (physical) and for the VN5640 you can define six switch segments each comprising two ports (physical). 

To migrate your CANoe/CANalyzer configuration you will have to enable the port-based network access mode. Then you have to combine the two CANoe/CANalyzer Ethernet networks into one Ethernet network. By means of the hardware configuration described above CANoe/CANalyzer can connect to the Ethernet network.

For further information please refer to the application note The Ethernet VN Device Family from Firmware Version 11.1 or the CANoe help Migration Wizard and Port-based Network Access.

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