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Connection to the Local Runtime Kernel Could not Be Established

Last updated: 2020-01-16

When trying to start CANoe/CANalyzer following message appears:

The connection to the local runtime kernel could not be established because the setup of the data connection resources failed.

It is not possible to start CANoe/CANalyzer.


The error message means, that the connection required for the data queue between real-time area (runtime kernel) and analysis area of CANoe/CANalyzer could not be established. Per default TCP port 2810 is used. A typical reason for the error is that the port is already used by another application or blocked, e.g. by a firewall or antivirus software.

  1. Please ensure that the port is not used by another application.
  2. Please ensure that the firewall/antivirus program does not block port 2810.
  3. Alternatively change port settings in the CAN.ini under section:

How to find out if the port 2810 is in use:

  • Open the Resource monitor (German: Ressourcenmonitor) from the Windows Start menu Search field, see picture
  • Go to the TCP view and column local port.
  • Search for port number 


  • Open the Task Manager Processes tab (German: Prozesse) and add column PID (process ID) using menu View | Select columns…, see picture.
  • Find out the process ID of the RuntimeKernel.exe
  • Open command line window (Start | cmd) (German: Eingabeaufforderung) and type in netstat -a -o  to find out the used port of the process ID, see picture.
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