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Issue List of the CANoe Migration Wizard

Last updated: 2020-01-22

From version 12.0 SP4 of CANoe and CANalyzer the Ethernet Migration Wizard will automatically start converting existing tool configurations into the new Port-based Network Access format if necessary. Although the majority of existing configurations will be converted without any issue, some may not. If an issue is encountered during the migration process the Migration Wizard will provide additional information by means of the following possible issue messages.

Possible issue reports:

  • Info: Ethernet connector <number> is reserved for the Ethernet host. It cannot be used in a port-based configuration.

One of the RJ45 connectors is currently reserved as a dedicated Ethernet host uplink. Use one of the other available RJ45 connectors instead.

Note: In a future Ethernet interface driver release, the connector will become available again to be used as a port physical.

  • Info: Too many ports have been configured. Removing ports <PortX, PortY, PortZ>.

This message informs you that not all ports configured in the previous configuration are available in the converted configuration. You may ignore this information if you are practically not using these ports or select other ports that might be available.

In most cases, the Migration Wizard will display this message if the previous hardware has been configured as an entire switch. In this mode, the Migration Wizard does not know how many ports were in practical use. Since some ports are predefined in the new Ethernet interface software version, they are not available for measurement. If your configuration really requires these ports, you may add ports by adding an additional Ethernet interface or contact the Vector support ( for additional options.

In the CANoe configuration for channel-based mode it was possible to define more ports than were supported by the Ethernet interface hardware. While configuring the Ethernet interface hardware, the excess port definitions were ignored but remained present in the CANoe configuration. With the migration to port-based mode, the excess port configuration are ignored and are not converted to the new port-based hardware configuration.

  • Info: Due to changes to the filter concept the filters are migrated in a functionally disabled state. Furthermore it is possible that the device configuration cannot be applied because the filter rules are too complex.
    • Refer to the help pages of the Vector Ethernet Device Configurator to learn more about the filter concept.
    • The filter concept has changed significantly. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the new filter concept and rewrite the existing filter rules. This will lead to better results than trying to convert the existing filter rules into the new filter concept.
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