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ECU Calibration Using vFlash

Last updated: 2020-01-29
Is it possible to use vFlash to calibrate my ECU?

Yes, if your ECU supports diagnostics (e.g. UDS). In this case you can update the ECU's calibration data with vFlash. Depending on the software and calibration data structure you may choose one of the two options:

  1. Update a complete calibration data block using the regular flash procedure as defined in the flash specification. All you need is a vFlash Template* suitable to the FBL and of course the memory location where the calibration data is located. 
  2. Update the calibration data using Diagnostic Data Identifiers (DIDs). The values are written within a simple C# script using the Vector Diagnostic Script (VDS) library - so-called Custom Action. The users can create/adapt the Custom Actions by themselves. Examples are shipped as part of the vFlash installation.

For each option the calibration data is simply selected while creating the vFlash project – either as regular flashware or as values of Custom Action attributes defined in the scripts. If required, you can create a packed project (vFlashPack) to forward the complete setup including the calibration data as single file to your partner. It contains all necessary data to easily calibrate your ECU with vFlash.

With vFlash remote it is even possible to remotely calibrate ECU's over long distance, independent of the location. 


CANape can persist calibration data directly via diagnostics. Therefore, it converts the calibration data into HEX files and programs the data into the ECU via the internal vFlash engine.


*) Vector offers prepared vFlash Templates for a large number of different automotive OEMs and bootloaders. For more details contact us at

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