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Automatic Learning of XCP Optional Commands Availability

Last updated: 2020-03-06

CANape has a default feature no longer sending the optional commands which are not implemented or were not implemented initially, respectively. That means CANape will always do a check of XCP optional commands to determine whether they are available in the ECU or not. The result will then be saved in CANape.ini. However, this behavior could be unwanted, e. g. when any optional commands are being gradually supported by the ECU during the driver implementation.

Once any optional commands have been detected by CANape as not supported, the only way to revert their implementation status is to change it in the [Module_NameOfTheModule]-section of CANape.ini. This section contains encoded information as follows:


To set the optional commands to their initial status all the [XCP_OPTIONAL_CMD_AVAILABLE]-entries have to be deleted. Once the connection to the ECU will be re-established, CANape will create the [XCP_OPTIONAL_CMD_AVAILABLE]-entries again and set their status according to their current availability.


The Automatic Learning function for the availability of XCP optional commands can be deactivated in Device Configuration | Protocol | Expert Setting | Protocol Command, see figure below.


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