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How to Debug a Virtualized AUTOSAR Classic ECU in CANoe

Last updated: 2020-04-08
How can I debug a virtualized AUTOSAR Classic ECU in CANoe?
  1. Build the virtual ECU/system under test in the debug configuration: 
    • In vVIRTUALTarget: Go to Build and enable CheckBox Generate Visual Studio solution and select the Visual Studio Configuration Debug.

    • …or: Open the generated Visual Studio Solution and select Debug configuration and rebuild the project.
  2. Add the generated SUT-DLL into CANoe (if the SUT-DLL is already added, this step can be skipped):
    • Integration use case (input file is a .dpa file)
    1. In your CANoe configuration, create a network node in the simulation setup.   
    2. Open the context menu of the created node by doing a right click on the node and select Configuration….
    3. Add the generated SUT-DLL from Visual Studio (<SUT directory>\<EcuName>.dll) in Components.
    4. Optional step: rename the node to the name of your ECU.
    • BSW Emulation use case (input file is a .arxml file)
    1. In your CANoe configuration, go to the communication setup and click Import vVIRTUALTarget SUT.
    2. Select the .vttsut file (<SUT directory>\<EcuName>.vttsut) which refers the relevant files to import.
  3. Attach to the RuntimeKernel.exe process with Visual Studio: 
    • Open the generated Visual Studio solution.
    • Insert desired break points.
    • Select Debug | Attach to Process....
    • Select Attach to: | Native code.

    • Select RuntimeKernel.exe (CANoe has to be started)
    • Click Attach
  4. Start Measurement in CANoe. The breakpoint should hit, if the application code will be reached.
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