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Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-On Is Not Loaded

Last updated: 2020-04-21

Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on is not initialized.

Possible expressions:

  • Vector libraries are not found in Simulink Library Browser
  • MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on startup print is not in the Command window

To locate the first startup.m file, type which startup in Matlab Command Window.

If the displayed path is different from Matlabroot\toolbox\local\startup.m, Matlab does not use the startup.m file generated from Vector. In this case, add the following script to the displayed startup.m file:

% Check CANape toolbox init script existance
if ~(ismcc || isdeployed) && exist(fullfile(matlabroot, '\toolbox\CANape\VInitToolbox.m'), 'file')
    % Run CANape toolbox init script.
    run(fullfile(matlabroot, '\toolbox\CANape\VInitToolbox.m'));

After a restart of Matlab, Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on should be initialized correctly.


Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on is initialized by the startup script VInitToolbox.m.

VInitToolbox.m is called by the startup.m script, which is located in Matlabroot\toolbox\local.

If this script is not executed, no Vector libraries are available in the Simulink Library Browser and MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on startup print is not printed in the Command window.

Possible issues, why Matlabroot\toolbox\local\startup.m is not executed:

  • There is another user-specific startup.m
  • Another toolbox blocks the execution of startup.m

Are several startup.m files in your Matlab search path available, Matlab will use the first one.

For detailed information about startup.m file please visit:


MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on startup print:

Configuring Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on for MATLAB(R) (R2018b) Update 6 ...

Vector CANape MC3 Matlab Interface      Version 7.8.0       (MIP 14.0.20)
Vector CANape/vSignalyzer Target        Version 14.0.2      (MIP 14.0.20)
Vector Converter API                    Version 2.0.0       (MIP 14.0.20)
Vector Simulink XCP Server              Version 3.0.2       (MIP 14.0.20)
Vector vADASdeveloper Target            Version 1.1.1       (MIP 14.0.20)

Some third-party toolchains are initialized in matlabrc.m, although MATLAB does not recommend to do this. This completely blocks the automatic execution of startup.m. Please contact the specific toolchain support to ask for help.

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