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VectorCAST Jenkins Pipeline Failure

Last updated: 2020-04-16

My pipeline job or stage is marked as Failed.  How do I fix it?


First is to look at the Build Number that is failing, information will be there to help pinpoint error(s).  For example:

Problematic data found in console output, search the console output for the following phrases: INCR_BUILD_FAILED, Environment was not successfully built, Preprocess Failed,

This is indicating that the Incremental Rebuild Failed (INCR_BUILD_FAILED) resulting in a failed environment build, specifically the preprocess step in the environment build failed. You can take this information and look at the Console Output to determine exactly what happened. You can also look at the complete-build.log file that has been archived with that build number. It will contain all the rebuild information from all the VectorCAST specific builds.

Here is a list of keywords the Pipeline script looks for that will cause a build to be marked as a failure:

  • Licensing Errors:
    • No valid edition(s) available
    • FLEXlm Error
  • Report generation failure
    • py did not execute correctly
    • Traceback (most recent call last)
  • VectorCAST Project Locking problems
    • Failed to acquire lock on environment
  • VectorCAST Build/Execute errors:
    • Environment Creation Failed
    • Error with Test Case Management Report
    • Environment was not successfully built
    • Preprocess Failed
    • Abnormal Termination on Environment
    • not recognized as an internal or external command

Here is a list of keywords the Pipeline script looks for that will cause a build to be marked as a unstable:

  • Test script import:
    • Value Line Error - Command Ignored
  • Pipeline script problem:
    • groovy.lang
    • java.lang.Exception
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