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TA Tool Suite Memory Tuning

Last updated: 2020-05-18

How can I adjust the available memory for the TA Tool Suite?


As the TA Tool Suite has Java-based executables its extended memory is configured before the process start. The memory configuration is done in the files TA Tool Suite.ini for the GUI and ta-tool-suitec.ini for the CLI respectively. These files are located next to the TA Tool Suite.exe which starts the TA Tool Suite GUI.

As with all Java processes the parameter -Xms<Size> sets the initial Java heap size and ‑Xmx<Size> sets the maximum Java heap size. For large projects or traces the TA Tool Suite can benefit from a larger Xmx value. You should ensure that the Xmx memory for the TA Tool Suite is actually available, as otherwise the performance of the TA Tool Suite might suffer.

For the maximum memory footprint of the TA Tool Suite note that its subprocesses can use up to 2 GB of memory in addition to the allotted Xmx memory. The TA Tool Suite needs at least 1 GB of Xmx and should do fine with 2 GB of Xmx for small to medium projects.

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