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Usage of Vector Hardware with CANopen CiA442 Low Speed Layer

Last updated: 2014-11-24
Does your interface have correct terminations resistors (2x620 Ohm) as the SIIS level-2 requires on the host side? Or can I change it myself?
The magnetically decoupled CANcabs/CANpiggies with TJA1054A transceiver, e.g. the CANcab 1054Amag, has an internal switch able terminating resistor. In order to switch on the terminating resistor, pin 4 of the D-SUB9 connector has to be connected with ground (e.g. short circuit 4 and 3). An internal circuit reduces the terminating resistor from 4.7 kOhm to 500 Ohm (using parallel connection of 4.7 kOhm and 560 Ohm). If you need exactly 620 Ohm you have to replace the terminating resistors on the CANpiggy from 4.7 kOhm to 620 Ohm without applying the short circuit.
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