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CANape/CANdito as a Diagnostic Tester without Appropriate *.cdd

Last updated: 2019-04-24
How to use CANape/CANdito as a diagnostic tester without having an appropriate CANdela file (*.CDD)?
The diagnostic capability of CANape/CANdito can be used although there is no appropriate CDD available. CANape/CANdito is shipped with generic CDDs for KWP2000 (Keyword protocol) and UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services).

These CDD files contain the standard services of the protocols KWP2000 or UDS.
They can be used to start with diagnostic.

You will find the generic CDDs in the examples directory under "GenericDiagDemo":

  • KWP2000 protocol: GenericKWP.cdd for CANape up to V10.0, KWPonCAN-example.cdd for V11.0 and higher.
  • UDS protocol: GenericUDS.cdd for CANape up to V10.0, UDSonCAN-example.cdd for V11.0 and higher

Add a new device in CANape by drag&drop of one of these CDDs on the CANape desktop.
A new device will be created:

Open device -> driver settings and check the parameters of this device:

  • Activate the tab "Communication" and adapt e.g. the Tx IDs, Rx IDs, etc. which are used by the ECU.
    To change these settings please activate "Overwrite communication parameters".
  • Check if the Baudrate fits.

If the CDD offers different communication interfaces you may use different addressing methods as 29 Bit CAN IDs or extended or normal fixed addressing (if contained in the CDD).

Try to send a diagnostic service via the diagnostic console
(Display -> Diagnostic Window -> Select the new diagnostics device). Double-click e.g. on the "($1A) ReadEcuIdentification Process" service.
A response will be displayed in the trace area:

If you would like to send a raw message the diagnostic console could be used as well:

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