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CANlog3 with only 251 Baby Boards

Last updated: 2014-12-01
Why doesn’t my CANlog3 work if I’m using 251 baby boards only?
Using CANlog3 without wakeup  (excerpt from CANlog3 manual)
Assembly with different baby boards is possible in every combination, but it’s important to notice the case, when only non wake-up capable baby boards are used. 
Only  wake-up  capable  baby  boards  are  able  to  switch  and  keep  the CANlog3 on if required. If there is no wake-up capable baby board build in, it’s not possible to switch on the CANlog3. In this case the solder joint J3 has to be closed on at least one baby board. It’s not important on which baby board. The position of the solder joint J3 is marked with an arrow in the following illustration and is located at the “outside” of the baby board, that side that faces the housing when mounted in the CANlog3. With this closed joint the CANlog3 remains switched on as long as the power is applied. 


The solder joint has to be removed in case the CANlog3 gets equipped later on with a wake-up capable baby board – otherwise CANlog3 will never enter sleep mode.

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