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System CAN driver: Reception overrun - messages are lost

Last updated: 2020-01-30
System CAN driver: Reception overrun - messages are lost
  • Please check the latency settings of the Vector USB device: under control panel – Vector Hardware please select your Vector USB device. On the right hand side you’ll find the setting “Receive latency”. Please make sure, that Receive latency is set to “Low”. (You can change the settings by double clicking on “Receive latency”), see also following screenshot.


  • Now, plug off all Vector USB devices and plug in again. Or reboot your PC.
  • If the Vector USB device is connected to a USB Hub, please make sure, that only one device is connected to the USB Hub. This can be checked in Windows device manager, as shown on the following screenshot.


  • Please update BIOS version and chipset or USB driver, if your computer manufacturer provides a newer version than already installed.
  • Please check if the installed USB driver is working correctly. Sometimes other drivers can interfere with the USB driver. If so, please ask the correspondent provider for an update or delete this driver for the time of your measurement. To find the drivers that causes interferences, you can use the following tool:
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