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Optimization of CANoe/CANalyzer Performance

Last updated: 2019-12-13
How to optimize CANoe/CANalyzer performance?

If there is a performance issue with CANoe/CANalyzer, the following symptoms can occur:

  • CANoe/CANalyzer is in overload mode
  • Messages can be lost
  • rx queue overrun
  • CANoe/CANalyzer windows will be deactivated

If one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms occur, please follow this instruction:

1. Optimize performance

CANoe ≥ 9.0: File | Help | Optimization. See messages in write window.

In older CANoe/CANalyzer versions see Configuration | Options | Measurement | Performance | Optimize Performance

2. Reduce Data History in File| Options | Measurement | Data history and set

  • Usage of Main Memory to short
  • Usage of Swap File to none

3. Deactivate unused windows in View | Measurement Setup.


4. Adjust filters

If a bus system is simulated, but the data is not needed for the analysis, a filter can be used. All Measurement Setup features are not available any more. See: Configuration | Options | Measurement | Performance | Throughput. Note that you cannot use filtered data for later analysis.

5. Adapt queue size

When working with many different channels, the queue size between RT and display part is often too small. Therefore, the EventQueueSize and EventSorterLimit in CAN.ini have to be enlarged.

The CAN.ini can be found for example under C:\ProgramData\Vector\CANoe\12.0 (x64) with C as the installation drive and 12.0 as the version and (x64) indicating a 64 -bit installation. In CANoe from version 12.0 the CAN.ini is also accessible from the CANoe Help through the Windows Start menu entry Tools as shown below.

Example values:

  • Enlarge EventQueueSize from 55000 to 200000 (if not done already)
  • Enlarge EventSorterLimit from 49000 to 100000

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