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CANoe.Ethernet and VN891X Devices in Standalone Mode

Last updated: 2019-01-30

The following article informs about the system requirements and restrictions with CANoe.Ethernet and VN891X devices.

System requirements:

  1. CANoe 8.0 with latest service pack is necessary (>8.0 SP2) for VN8910(A) devices
  2. CANoe minimum version depends on VN891X device
  3. Last operating system with Ethernet driver on VN891X devices
  4. Current VN891X device driver version


The following functions are available:

  • CANoe configuration of one Ethernet channel in Standalone Mode with built-in Ethernet interface (additional to other bus systems, for more Ethernet channels use VN56xx products)

In Standalone-Mode the following features could be used together with option IP:

  • TCP/IP API in CAPL via CANoe TCP/IP-Stack (that means each simulated node could use an own IP address and MAC-ID).
  • Ethernet-IL (Nodelayer-DLL) with Packet-API (to receive and send single Ethernet packages).

The remaining features of the option IP need a user interface and cannot be used in standalone mode.

The limitations are:

  • The NetIsolator is not available for the built-in Ethernet interface.
  • The built-in Ethernet interface is supported but no other interfaces as e.g. via USB connected etc. (from CANoe version 8.1 also VN5610 is supported together with VN8910).
  • VLAN is partially supported with the built-in Ethernet interface (for full VLAN support use VN56xx interface).
  • For standalone operation the Standalone-Extended license is needed.
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