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VN8910/VN8910A: USB to RS232 Adapter

Last updated: 2018-09-20
Which USB to RS232/RS422/RS485 adapter for VN8910/VN8910A can be used?
Vector has successfully tested several USB to RS232 converters which contained the following chipsets:
  • Prolific (PL2303) or FTDI (FT232) Adapter.
  • Additionally, VN8910/VN8910A needs to have Image version > 2.0.5.

As long as a converter uses one of the mentioned Vendor & Product IDs and registers itself as COM port, it can be used with a standard PC as well as with the VN8910/VN8910A interface. Also RS422 and RS485 adapters should work in this case, though these types of adapters are not tested by Vector.

Note that there is no exact time synchronization for the RSxxx port (e.g. the function RS232OnReceive(dword port, byte buffer[], dword number) does not contain timestamps as return values or parameters). Futhermore the RSxxx received/sent bytes are NOT automatically visible in the trace. However, the user can write CAPL code to handle the event of data reception on the COM-port. In this code he may write the results of the protocol interpretation (e.g. wind speed) into SystemVariables he defined. Changes of SystemVariables get a time stamp and are visible e.g. in the Trace Window and in Logfiles.

How-To Check Image Version:
Click Help|About…|More Info. In the write window, additional information is displayed. Search for VN8910/VN8910A. Here the Version is displayed.
How-To Setup Configuration

  • Use Ports 3 to 6  
  • Disable CTS (Handshake)

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