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Basic Information regarding the Vector Licensing Model (Hardware Based Licensing)

Last updated: 2018-10-23

For running the Vector Software Tools (e. g. CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape), an appropriate license is needed. Licenses can be installed on Vector Hardware (e. g. VN16xx) or on a license dongle (USB)**. This is called hardware based licensing. 

Depending on the used Software Tool, different license bits are needed, e. g.

  • Basic license bit for running DENoe pex, run, full or DENalyzer fun, exp, pro*
  • License bit for every bus option you need (e. g. CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay)
  • License bit for running CANape

The license bits are usually set on the hardware you have purchased together with CANoe/CANalyzer.

*CANalyzer Variants

CANalyzer fun: The Fundamental variant is suitable for simple analysis and provides all interactive standard functions for this purpose. However, it does not offer programmability, diagnostic functions or user control panels.

CANalyzer exp: The Expert variant is ideal for all standard applications and provides most functions and extensions. However, this variant does not support creating and executing CAPL programs.

CANalyzer pro: The Professional variant offers unlimited access to all functions and extensions. This variant supports all applications from simple observation of bus traffic to complex analysis and stimulation of heterogeneous systems.

CANoe Variants

CANoe pex:  The Project Execution variant is a version with an exclusive graphical user interface. Simulation, test cases and results are easy to control without requiring special evaluation of the underlying messages.

CANoe run: The Runtime variant is a version with unchangeable configurations, full analysis functions and simple connection and disconnection of network nodes. This variant is intended for users who wish to test their ECU quickly and easily in interaction with a prescribed remaining bus simulation.

CANoe: This version features the full range of functional features. Simulation models can be created with CAPL; test cases are easy to model with the Test Feature Set. This variant is intended for users who want to use CANoe’s full functionality.

** please note that the USB Dongle ist not distributed in all countries.

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