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No Connection to VT6000 Realtime Module (VT6010, VT6011, VT6050, VT6050A, VT6051, VT6051A)

Last updated: 2019-04-02

No network connection can be established to a VT6000 realtime module.

Error messages similar to this appear:
CANoe is configured to connect to RT server at host address

Possible causes:

  • TCP/IP communication with the module is blocked or misconfigured
  • Control Service or runtime kernel not running
  • Issues with the software image
  • Hardware defect
  • Check the PC / VT system setup using KnowledgeBase entry Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306.
  • Check the green Power LED on the VT6000 module front plate. It must be on when the VT system is powered on. If it is off check VT system power supply and cabling to the backplane.
  • Check network connectivity by pinging the network address of the VT system (default address: from the PC connected to the VT system:

    If the ping command does not get replies from the VT system and the firewall is not blocking ping requests, check if the green Power LED on the VT is on.
  • If network ping returns positive results, open a remote desktop connection to the VT system:

    Log on as Administrator, password is not required:
  • Two windows should be shown on the remote desktop: RuntimeKernel.exe and Control Service Console:

    If no Control Service Console or RuntimeKernel.exe is running, or the CANoe/CANalyzer process is not shown with a process ID in the Control Service Console, reboot the VT system.
  • If the above result is not shown after reboot, please contact Vector support.
  • If the Control Service Console and RuntimeKernel.exe are shown correct, there may be an issue with the TCP/IP configuration of the VT6000 module and/or the PC. Please check the TCP/IP Configuration according to KnowledgeBase entry Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306
  • If CANoe is connected to the VT6000, the connection is shown in the RuntimeKernel.exe window (e.g. PC port 51401 connected to VT system port 2810):

    If the VT system is still not accessible by CANoe please contact Vector support.
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