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Display of the Graphical State Dependency Diagram

Last updated: 2018-08-30
Why is the graphical state dependency diagram not being displayed?
CANdelaStudio offers the display of graphical state dependency diagrams which are generated by the free tool GraphViz.

If you encounter the message that you have to download and to install the GraphViz tool even after installation, you should check or correct the following settings.

For correct installation it is necessary to be logged on as system administrator. Otherwise the installation could fail without any notice.

In control panel/system on Extended tab click on the Environment variables button. In the following dialog box in the system variable section, double-click on the Path line and check the value in the next dialog box:

There should be a    .... ;”C:Program FilesGraphviz x.yzin”; ... or similar entry. In some cases, the semicolon after in is written left of the quotation mark instead of right. The semicolon is the separator of entries which are written between quotation marks.

Another installation issue can be found in the CANdelaStudio settings in the registry. To check you have two possibilities:

Close CANdelaStudio first. Start registry editor and search for "DottyPath". In some cases the “n” at the end of the path entry was missing (after ...i). Correct this by double-clicking on the line and add the “n” in the following dialog box. Close registry editor and restart CANdelaStudio.

The other way is to go to the tools menu of CANdelaStudio, select Options and the Display tab. On the bottom, there is a section “Path to GraphViz (dotty.exe)". Click on the “...” button right of it and select the path to the "in" directory of GraphViz. Restart CANdelaStudio.

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