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CAN Highspeed Loop Test

Last updated: 2019-06-24


  • A Vector CAN Interface
  • Two Highspeed CAN transceivers*
  • CANcable1 or a cable with two D-SUB9 connectors*
  • Two 120 Ohm resistors

  • Connect the CAN Highspeed channels and start Loop3.exe. 

    The necessary test programs are part of the Vector Driver Setup Files and located in the folder Common. You can download the Driver Setup File from

  • Choose the channel you want to test, select the baudrate and click on the Start button.

If you use Vector‘s CANcable1, you do not need the 120 Ohm resistors, because they are already included in the cable.

If the loop test works fine, you can see the time, the busload etc. If not, you will get a failed message.

* If you like to test more than two CAN channels, you have to use a cable with as many D-SUB9 connectors as you have CAN channels on your CAN hardware.

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