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Hardware Requirements for Working with DoIP

Last updated: 2019-09-04
Which hardware do I need to work with DoIP?
No special Ethernet interface is necessary to work with DoIP. You might use your PC integrated Ethernet interface or any USB-to-Ethernet-Interface. However Vector recommends the usage of an external VN56xx [VN5610(A) or VN 5640] or, within a VT system, the VT6306 for the following reasons:
  1. To avoid possible and very effort time-consuming problems that might be caused by the PC-dependent firewall configuration (e.g. TCP-connection is not possible, Ports or IP-Addresses are blocked)
  2. To assure the synchronization to other Vector HW interfaces. This point is very important for gateways tests.
  3. Higher timestamp accuracy
  4. To avoid that the OS or any Windows application send undesirable messages via the DoIP interface.

If one of the above mentioned Vector interfaces is used for DoIP, then no Vector NetIsolator is necessary.

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