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Server Timing Parameters in CANoe

Last updated: 2019-03-04

Server Timing parameters in CANoe might be different, depending on CDD or ODX based Diagnostics configuration.

CDD is a Vector specific format that describes the diagnostics extends of a specific ECU (Server). It is used by CANoe as basis for the diagnostics tester (client) simulation and therefore contains all client specific timing parameters.  As it is as well used during the generation of all Vector diagnostics related embedded software modules (CANdesc or MICROSAR) for the ECU, it may also contain ECU relevant timing parameters (e.g. S3 Server).

ODX is a standardized description language for diagnostics. The ODX files may also contain both client and server related timing parameters.

If the ODX was generated by an export of CANdela data, the parameters may not be completely identical to the ones defined in the CDD. This is due to the fact that some communication parameters can be proprietary in the CDD, so that a mapping is not possible. Also ODX usually references a standard set of parameters, so that more and different parameters may be present with default values.

CANoe accepts both CDD and PDX formats for diagnostics configuration and replaces any missing server specific timing parameters by heuristics values, calculated on client specific timing parameters. The result of the calculation might slightly differ in the CDD and PDX case depending on missing timing parameters.

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