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Lync Client Crashes on Startup

Last updated: 2018-06-25
Lync client crashes on startup with error message: ‘Microsoft Lync has stopped working’.
The same behavior may occur with the successor of Lync which is called ‘Skype for Business’.
Lync is an instant messaging and video conferencing solution from Microsoft.
The issue occurs in conjunction with CANape versions < 12.0 SP2 and < 11.0 SP5 (also with previous versions like 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0) and is caused by the following files:
  • – can be used in CANape to simulate a camera for testing purposes only
  • – can be used in CANape for screen capture

Recommended solution:

  • Update to the most recent version of CANape 11.0 (which is SP7), CANape 12.0 (which is SP7) or any version from CANape 13.0 and higher.

To fix your currently installed version you can choose between two workarounds:

  • Either:
    Rename both files and which are located in the Exec directory of your CANape installation. After this, restart CANape.
  • Or:
    Execute the windows command prompt with administrative rights.

    Unregister the above mentioned *.ax files: Open the DOS prompt in the Exec directory of your CANape installation with the command regsvr32 –u and regsvr32 –u

Alternatively you can also use the command
regsvr32 –u and
regsvr32 –u 

If you have more than one CANape installation you have to do this for every installation.
Please contact the Vector Support Team for further questions.
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