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MOST Messages Are not Displayed in the Trace Window

Last updated: 2019-02-22
MOST Messages Are not Displayed in the Trace Window
  1. Is the VN26x0 driver installed properly?
    - If yes, please reconnect the VN26x0 module to the PC
  2. Does the state window indicate an active MOST ring by light & lock, or does the bus statistic window show 'frames/s >0'?
    - Ensure that the MOST ring is up and running
    - Ensure that the polarization of the optical fibre cable is correct (connect Rx with Tx and vice versa).
  3. Is the CANoe real or simulated mode activated?
  4. Does the write window show 'Attempt to send in Bypass mode'?
    - Verify your hardware settings (e.g. opening the Bypass temporarily via the shortcut menu of the state window)
  5. Please verify the Hardware configuration dialog:
    - Is Bypass activated?
    - Is the Timing Master configured?
    - Is AMS activated?
    - Is a node address set?
    - Is the correct mode (node, spy, node/spy) selected in the hardware specific section?
  6. Please check the measurement setup:
    - Are any filters or CAPL nodes in front of the trace window inserted?
  7. Please verify the MOST Filter settings of the Trace window:
    - Is "Device internal" activated?
    - Is "AMS atoms" activated?
    - Is "AMS Combiner" set to "All" or "Segmented transmissions only"?
  8. Please check the simulation settings In the simulated mode:
    - Is the virtual MOST ring activated?
  9. When using test nodes
    - Please check the bus assignment
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