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What Are the Requirements of CCP/XCP Measurement with GL Logger?

Last updated: 2015-08-12
What are the requirements of CCP/XCP measurement with GL Logger?

To measure CCP or XCP data with a GL Logger you need an A2L file or a database file generated by CANape. Instead of using a Windows DLL for Seed&Key you have to create an SKB file in CANape.

The following example shows how to configure the CCP/XCP measurement list via direct import of the A2L file in the Vector Logger Configurator.

  1. Move to the CCP/XCP|Descriptions page.
  2. Click to “Add” and choose the A2L file for CCP or XCP measurement.
  3. You’ll get information if you need an SKB file for Seed&Key.

    You can continue with the configuration without including the SKB file. Please note that the SKB file must be integrated before loading the configuration into the logger!

  4. Move to CCP/XCP|Signal Requests page to enter signals from the inserted CCP/XCP description file.
  5. Click on “Add” to insert signals to the measurement list.
  6. Select the desired measurement mode (DAQ/Polling) and the cycle.
  7. Load the configuration into the logger.

For more details see the Tutorial 9 in the user manual of the Vector Logger Configurator.

Alternatively CCP/XCP can still be configured with CANape:

  1. Load the A2L file of the ECU in CANape.
  2. Select the signals to be measured.
  3. Generate in CANape a DBC file with special attributes to initialize the ECU with the logger.
  4. Add this DBC file to the Vector Logger Configurator.

For more details see the Tutorial 10 in the user manual of the Vector Logger Configurator.

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