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Is There a Difference Between CANoe 32-bit and 64-bit Variant?

Last updated: 2018-12-12
Is there a difference between CANoe 32-bit and 64-bit variant?

Yes, there is. As of version 8.5 SP2 CANoe is available in a 64-bit variant as an alternative to the 32-bit variant.

The 64-bit variant is explicitly intended for 64-bit processors and operating systems. The 32-bit variant however, can also be used on 64-bit operating systems without almost any limitations.

The use of the 64-bit variant requires a 64-bit Windows 7 (or later version) as operating system.

The 64-bit variant of CANoe can use more main memory, which is the main advantage. While the 32-bit variant is limited to a maximum of 4 GB of memory, the 64-bit variant is limited only by the amount of main memory installed on the computer. A large amount of main memory is used, in particular, by:

  • long Data History for Trace or Graphic Windows that is not being relocated to the hard disk.
  • measurements with the Scope option
  • some CAPL analysis programs

The real-time kernel of CANoe is still a 32-bit program even for the 64-bit variant. The CAPL programs in the Simulation Setup or test programs will thus also continue to use a maximum of approximately 3 GB memory in total.


The following additional limitations exist in the 64-bit variant compared to the 32-bit variant:

  • Panels created with the old Panel Editor are no longer supported, but are automatically converted into new panels that can be edited with the Panel Designer. The old panel files are retained in the process.
    For other limitations and notes on converting panels, please refer to CANoe’s help.
  • The ProCANopen simulation generator still creates panels in the old format. An update of existing configurations cannot be based on the converted panels. In this case, the old panels and, therefore, the 32-bit variant should be used.
  • ActiveX Panels created with Visual Basic 6.0 (or earlier version) are not supported.
  • Licensing using the Vector USB Dongles is no longer supported. However, the Vector Keyman is supported (see the difference).
  • OEM packages are updated gradually. If available, a dedicated setup for the 64-bit variant is distributed as part of the OEM package.
  • Encoded BAP databases are supported with CANoe 8.5 SP4.
  • For diagnostics the FlexRay transport protocol for Audi and BMW is supported with CANoe 8.5 SP3.
  • You may have to adapt extensions you developed yourself like CAPL DLLs used in the Measurement Setup or .NET Panels. This is due to the fact that a 64-bit program cannot load 32-bit DLLs. For more information, please refer to CANoe’s help.

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