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How to Make Changes in StatusOfDtc of a CDDT?

Last updated: 2019-03-04
How to make changes in StatusOfDtc of a CDDT?
  1. with CANdelaStudio >=8.0

    The bits of StatusOfDtc can only be changed before a service instance using this data type is created. If it is not the case, you will get the following message:

    However you still can do it. The workaround to get the change done with existing fault memory instance is the following:
    • Open the CDDT in expert mode
    • Save the CDDT by another name
    • Delete the fault memory instance
    • Make the desired protocol service changes. Edit them in the template part in the property dialogs of the protocol services, open the property dialogs of DtcStatus slowly click with the mouse or press F2 in the desired cell
    • Copy the fault memory instance from the saved old document and paste it in the new document
  2. with CANdelaStudio <8.0

    DTCStatusBits are local defined for each ProtocolService. Therefore it is possible to change the DTCStatusBits even if fault memory instances are already contained in the CDD. However the DTCStatusBits which are commonly used (proxy) shall have the same structure. This can be easily checked using the specific consistency checks out of the tool menu.
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