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Handling of UUDT Responses when Using CAPL Callback Interface (CCI)

Last updated: 2019-11-21

Handling of UUDT responses when using CAPL callback interface (CCI)


You have to process UUDT response messages explicitly.

The given reference CCI implementation does not do that, therefore CANoe cannot detect such responses.

Simply add this code to the .cin file (you may need to adapt the CAN ID of the “on message” handler to the ID used by your ECU):

on message 0x101  // use the CAN ID for UUDT responses
  BYTE buffer[8]; // assuming CAN 2.0, not CAN FD
  int i;

  if( this.dir != rx)
    return; // Do not process frames sent by this node

  for( i = this.dlc; i-- > 0; )
   buffer[i] = this.byte(i);

  Diag_DataInd( buffer, this.dlc, 0); // forward it to the diagnostic layer

UUDT messages are used only by specific customers, therefore we do not have included this code in our reference implementation.
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