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Adjusting the VX1000 Ethernet Settings

Last updated: 2019-02-25

IP Address of the VX1000 base module

All VX1000 base modules are delivered with the IP-Address

  1. Firewall Settings

    To be able to connect with a VX1000 base module via Ethernet, you should first turn off the firewall on your PC (if a firewall is active). Ask your administrator to do this.
  2. How  to establish a connection

    To be able to communicate with the VX1000 base module, you should adjust the IP address of your network interface card (NIC), where the VX1000 module is attached, so both IP addresses of the VX1000 base module and your NIC are in the same subnet.

    As an example you can set the IP address of your NIC to Once this is done, you can open VXconfig and scan the network (Broadcast for the VX device.

    All available VX1000 base modules in the subnet will appear after the scan process.

  3. Forcing the IP address of the VX1000

    If you have already an IP address of your NIC and you don’t want to change this, you have the possibility to change the IP address of your VX1000 base module even if it does not appear in the VXConfig. Let’s assume your NIC has the following IP:

    To do this, go to the menu commands and select the entry Force IP address:

    In this dialog you should choose your base module and enter the last four digit of the VX1000 base module serial number, which you can find on the bottom of the module. Click OK to save the IP address of this module.
  4. Using an Ethernet to USB adapter

    Some Ethernet to USB adapters do not work properly and do not allow a stable connection with the VX1000 base module. If you have problems try another adapter or try to connect the VX1000 base module directly to your fixed NIC.

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