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Industrial Grade Memory Cards

Last updated: 2018-04-12
Why should I use recommended industrial grade memory cards and why are they more expensive than “normal” consumer memory cards from electronic markets?
The industrial grade memory cards released by Vector were selected on high requirements:
  • Reliability
    Memory cards used in a data logger must fulfill higher requirements compared to other applications e.g. in a camera. While you may use your camera only a few weeks in the year a data logger is supposed to write large amounts of data to the memory card every day. Industrial memory cards are designed to match this use case.
  • Temperature Range
    The memory cards can be used in a wide, automotive-typical temperature range from cold winter tests in Scandinavia to hot summer tests in the desert.
  • Proven to Work with the GL Logger
    The memory cards were tested to work well with the GL Loggers, in terms of performance, start-up time and power-fail behavior.
  • Fixed BOM
    Vector considers only memory cards with a fixed bill of materials (fixed BOM), i.e. every single memory card of a series contains the same components, minimizing production spread. This ensures constant high quality within a series.

The SanDisk industrial XT SDHC memory cards sold by Vector are not comparable with SanDisk consumer memory cards. Although both are produced by the same manufacturer, they are indeed completely different memory cards. Only the SanDisk industrial XT SDHC memory cards were tested and verified for use with the GL Loggers.

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