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How Long Do Memory Cards Last?

Last updated: 2018-04-12
How long do memory cards last?
All flash memory products have a limited lifetime, even the recommended industrial grade memory cards, although they have a higher endurance than consumer cards.
The most important factor for the lifetime of flash memory are the write/erase cycles, i.e. the amount of data written to it. Thus, it strongly depends on the duty times in the logger. Other factors such as climate conditions may further influence the lifetime.
Vector recommends exchanging memory cards regularly, depending on duty times.

In the IP65-proof loggers GL1010 and GL2010 the memory cards are mounted inside the housing, inaccessible from the outside. To exchange the memory card the housing must be opened, which leads to loss of the water and dust protection according to IP65. Vector offers the service of exchanging the memory card and reassembling the housing with preserving the IP65 protection.

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