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Creation of Label Lists

Last updated: 2019-02-25
Why do I need a label list in CANape?
And how can I create one?

A label list is used to filter out signals from a MDF file before converting the MDF file in
e. g. MATLAB format. That means, if the label list contains signals which should not be converted, it has to be used as a negative list. Therefore please enable Interpret as negative list in the options of the respective CANape converter, e. g.:

Please note, that the option Use signal source information has to be enabled, too.

For the creation, different information about the respective signals are needed:

  • BusType
  • ChannelNumber
  • SourceName

To create a label list, please use a text editor like e. g. Notepad.

  1. First, create the section name. The section name (in brackets) is structured like: [BusType] [ChannelNumber].[SourceName]
  2. [BusType] could be
    •    LIN
    •    MOST
    •    FlexRay
    •    ETH
    •    CAN

    (If you are not sure, which bus type, try with CAN. This will be mostly right)
  3. [SourceName] and [ChannelNumber] are also listed in the signal preview of CANape:

  4. The signal Line e. g. is specified in the LAB file like:

  1. For Environment signals, please use:

  2. To make sure, that the definition is right, you can use the ASCII Export converter to export all signals (enable options Extended signal names). In the title of the produced text file, you’ll see how the label list should look like:
  3. For MATLAB Export Converter:

    To avoid inconsistencies with identical signal names, choose Extended names in MATLAB Export Converter (under Signal names).

    This adds a prefix to the signal name. E. g. if you are working with measurement file channels, an extended name contains the database name;
    if working with measurement signals, it is the name of the device.
    In each case it appears as a prefix separated by a dot (e.g. CAN1ecu1.signal1, ecu2.signal1).
    This option is useful in case you measure signals of the same name from different ECUs. When the option Replace invalid characters by underscore is activated, this also affects the signal names (e.g. ecu1_signal1, ecu1_signal2)

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