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Diagnostic Based SW Update Using vFlash in CANape

Last updated: 2017-02-17

vFlash, the standard Vector solution for flashing, is since CANape 12 part of the CANape installation. With vFlash a user of CANape is able to directly transfer the result of his calibration efforts into the ECU Flash Memory, using the embedded diagnostic driver.

Note 1:
The vFlash software installed with CANape corresponds to the full vFlash extend. However at runtime, if no extra vFlash License is connected to PC, only part of the full vFlash functionality is available.

vFlash can be used if the ECU has got a Flash Bootloader (FBL) and a diagnostics communication stack integrated. An important precondition for using vFlash in CANape is to have an already existing and working vFlash Project, created once with the help of a separately purchased full vFlash license. Any CANape user can then integrate, but not modify, the preconfigured vFlash Project in CANape.

The vFlash Project contains relevant settings like flash sequences (FBL specific template), communication parameters and the ECUs memory architecture description. When downloading the calibration result, CANape will start vFlash with the selected hex file containing the calibration results. If the vFlash Project requires additional information like checksum and signature, a preprocessing configuration can previously be defined. This will make CANape create this data on the fly. For more information on how to proceed, please consult the Application Note AN-IMC-1-029 which is part of the CANape installation or can be downloaded in the Vector Download Center.

Note 2:

Please mind the compatibility between vFlash used to create the vFlash project and CANape using it:

  • vFlash projects have to be created as follows:
    • CANape 12.0 SP7 -> vFlash 2.6 SP3
    • CANape 13.0 SP5 -> vFlash 2.7 SP1
    • CANape 14.0 SP3 and 15.0 Release -> vFlash 2.7 SP5
    • CANape 15.0 SP1 HF1 -> vFlash 3.1 SP1 P1
  • For lower CANape Service Packs, the vFlash projects shall have been created using the vFlash Version, that was available at the CANape delivery time.

Note 3:
If the ECU doesn't have a FBL for flashing, CANape offers the two following flash alternatives:
  1. CCP/XCP, If the ECU has got a CCP/XCP Driver with Flash functionality
  2. Vx, only available for some processors

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