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Diagnostic Based SW Update Using vFlash in CANape

Last updated: 2020-01-23

vFlash, the standard Vector solution for diagnostic based flashing, is part of the CANape installation setup since version 12.0. vFlash allows a user of CANape to transfer calibration data into the ECUs flash memory, using the embedded flash bootloader.

Note 1:

The vFlash software installed with CANape corresponds to the full vFlash installation setup and is intended to support the following use cases:

  • vFlash can be used as a flash method for an existing XCP device. XCP calibration data can be merged into a flashable hex file, which is part of the vFlash project, during runtime.
  • vFlash can be used to load and execute any existing vFlash project.

At least the following limitations apply:

  • Creating and editing of vFlash project is not possible.
  • Automation interface is not available.

vFlash projects that shall be used in CANape must be created with the help of a separately purchased full vFlash license. Compatibility dependencies must be regarded. More details are described in the next section below.

It is maybe necessary to process the calibration data to be flashed in advance to work properly in vFlash. Customizing of a hex file, Checksum and/or Signature calculation can be realized by setting up a processing configuration, which will be executed just before starting vFlash. For more information on how to set up a processing configuration, please consult the Application Note AN-IMC-1-029 which can be downloaded from the Vector Website.

Note 2:

Please regard the compatibility dependencies of the vFlash version, which is used to create the vFlash project and that shall be used in CANape:

  • The overview shows the maximum version of vFlash that is supported by a certain version of CANape
    • CANape 12.0 SP7 --> vFlash 2.6 SP3
    • CANape 13.0 SP5 --> vFlash 2.7 SP2 P1
    • CANape 14.0 SP5 --> vFlash 3.1 SP2 P2
    • CANape 15.0 SP5 --> vFlash 3.5 SP3
    • CANape 16.0 SP6 --> vFlash 4.0 SP2
    • CANape 17.0 SP3 --> vFlash 4.0 SP3
  • Please note, that if, for example, CANape versions 12.0 SP7 and 15.0 SP5 are installed on the same computer, the vFlash version 3.5 SP5 is also available to CANape 12.0 SP7

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