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TCP Client

Last updated: 2017-03-15

This configuration simulates a TCP client that answers to a connect request sent by an external server. The client uses Windows TCP/IP Stack therefore no Ethernet option for CANoe is necessary.

You can use for this Pool Example:

  1. Your PC Network Adapter. The Server shall be reachable over your PC Windows-Network. Please be aware that in this case, you will see no Ethernet frames on CANoe’s Trace Window. If you have a CANoe.Ethernet option, just add an Ethernet network to the downloaded configuration and you will be able to see the sent Ethernet frame on trace.
  2. As alternative it is possible to use a Vector Ethernet Interface (VN56xx Family) to connect the Client (CANoe) to an external server (for instance ECU). In this case you need CANoe’s Ethernet option and the following adaptations have to be done to the configuration. You will be able to see the Ethernet frames on CANoe’s Trace Window:
  • Add an Ethernet network and a CAPL Node that uses the Client_TCP.CAN CAPL code. Delete the CAN Network
  • Define in the Node Configuration the Ethernet settings for the Client TCP/IP Stack

TCP Client

You will find in CANoe’s Installation a Sample Configuration called Chat.cfg that contains a client and a server and shows how to use TCP sockets with the Ethernet Interaction Layer.
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