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Default Device Configuration for VN5640

Last updated: 2018-01-02
To change the default device configuration of your VN5640, please connect it to your PC with USB and use the Vector Hardware Config to adapt the settings to your needs. The modified default device configuration will then be saved on the device flash. It will automatically be used after each power on of the device.

You can check the installed driver version like following:

Note 1:

Note that the format of the Default Device Configuration is driver version dependent. Therefore, please take care that the driver version used during the measurement shall be the same as the one used to set the Default Device Configuration.

Compatible versions of Vector Hardware Config and Driver:

Driver:    V9.9.24 -> Vector Hardware Config   < V10.1
Driver:  >V9.9.24 -> Vector Hardware Config >= V10.1

  • We recommend the usage of the latest version for the driver and Vector Hardware Config tool.

In case of a version incompatibility the following pop-up message will be displayed if opening the Device Configuration dialog:


Note 2:
In this case the VN5640 cannot apply the configuration settings and any channel is implicitly set to Disabled (no connection). New settings must be written by clicking apply in the configuration dialog. Please take into consideration, that in this case all previous settings are lost! To keep the previous settings, the configuration dialog can be closed by clicking cancel.

Known issue with Vector Hardware Config V9.9.26:

There is a known issue in Vector Hardware Config Dialog (V9.9.26) where it is not possible to write any configuration parameters. The following pop-up message may be displayed in case trying to write new configuration settings: 

  • fixed with Vector Hardware Config >= V9.9.32
Note 3:

If your VN5640 is connected to a VN89xx and you cannot directly change its default device configuration over the VN89xx, please connect the VN5640 directly to your PC with USB and use the Vector Hardware Config to adapt the default device settings to your needs. See also Note 1 and take care that the Driver Version on the VN89xx Device is the same as the one on the PC. Coming in Q1 2018, the VN89xx Driver will allow a direct device configuration.

After that you can connect the VN5640 to the VN89xx again. 

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