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Vector Ethernet Interface Advantages Over a Normal Ethernet Network Card

Last updated: 2017-07-26
What are the advantages of the Vector Ethernet Interface over a normal Ethernet network card?
  • Two Ethernet channels (100/1000Mbit) or two BroadR-Reach (100Mbit) channels
  • Bypassing functionality (monitor/alter communication between two Ethernet nodes)
  • High precision timing resolution for timestamps
  • Two CAN Highspeed channels with CAN FD Support
  • AFDX support
  • Support of XL Driver-Library (CAN and Ethernet)
  • Correctly synchronized timestamps between CAN messages and Ethernet frames
  • Possibility to filter Ethernet/CAN frames directly on the Vector Ethernet Interface hardware
  • Possibility to synchronize with other Vector devices
  • Not visible as normal network interface in windows and therefore no issues with network firewalls or other applications that might interrupt/disturb the measurement
  • Erroneous/faulty frames can be detected in CANoe/CANalyzer (compared to filtering of these frames which happens with normal network devices)
  • In case of Tx/Rx overflow during Measurement, an error will be displayed in the trace if a Vector Ethernet Interface is used. If a normal Ethernet network card is used, the overflow will not be signalized and shall be determine with a laborious frame analysis. This considerably increases the reliability of a measurement made with Vector Ethernet Interface of the VN5600 Family.
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