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Using Templates to Create New Logger Configurations in Vector Logger Configurator (from Version 2.6 SP3)

Last updated: 2019-05-06
Use case A:
Central storage of databases or include files:
  • Include files or databases are stored on a folder on a server.
    This folder has to be reachable via the same path wherever the logger configurations are used.
  • The templates may be placed locally or in a central folder on the server, similar to the referenced files.
  • Changes/Updates to the referenced files are made at the central location on the server.
    The user wants that changes are automatically considered in all projects referencing these files.
Use case B (not recommended):
Referenced files as template for local adaptations:
  • The user wants to use referenced files as template, allowing for a convenient starting point to make local changes.
    The templates and referenced files would typically be stored in a local folder.
  • In this case, the referenced files would not be copied to the local project folder. 
  • Changes would be made to the file instances in the template folder, affecting all configurations referring to the file, not as probably intended to local copies for the current project.
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