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VT6000 with CANoe 8.0 – 8.5 Unable to Load CDD

Last updated: 2019-11-22

After start of measurement, CANoe 8.x shows the error message cannot load diagnostic description.


Follow these steps to update the VT6000 and CANoe in order to load the CDD file:

  1. Download the most recent Standalone Manager from the Vector website (do not use the older one delivered with your CANoe version).
  2. Install the Standalone Manager.
  3. Download the CANoe 9.0 demo environment (CANoe_9.0.65_DEMO.rtenv file) from here:  
  4. Close all CANoe instances and start the newer Standalone Manager. Select your VT6000 device which has to be connected via Ethernet:

  5. Select the Execution environment tab. Click update and select the file downloaded previously (*.rtenv file):
  6. After the successful installation of this file, power off your VT6000 device.
  7. Switch on your VT6000 device.
  8. Install the persistors on your computer. You can download them from here:
  9. Start and connect CANoe, go to to Options | Extensions | CANoe RT and click on Edit and Update CANoe Software. Now your CANoe 8.x is restored to the VT6000.

After that your CDD(s) should be loaded successfully.


The most recent persistors (CANdela Diagnostic Converters) include the Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtime which is not included on the VT6000 images. By applying the above procedure this runtime is installed on the device.

If you have CANoe 8.5, a simple update to SP5 on the computer first and then and on the VT6000 is sufficient (see step 9).


Please note that VT6000 stands for all VT6010, VT6010A, VT6050 and VT6052 devices.

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