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CANoe Option SENSOR Compatibility

Last updated: 2019-02-21

The CANoe option SENSOR is compatible as follows:

PSI5  CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above*
SENT  CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above*
SPI  Starting with CANoe 10.0**
LVDS  Starting with CANoe 10.0 SP3**
RS485  Starting with CANoe 10.0 SP3**
RS422  Starting with CANoe 10.0 SP3**
I²C  Starting with CANoe 11.0 SP3**
UART  Starting with CANoe 10.0 SP3**
.NET API  In planning

  * requires option .SENSOR for execution of CANoe measurements
** also available without option .SENSOR

Information for customers regarding sensor simulation:

Since CANoe 9.0 SP3 the serial sensor protocols PSI5 and SENT are supported together with the VT system module VT2710 and PSI5 or SENT piggies. Up to four piggies can be used to simulate and analyze the serial sensor protocols. To use the VT2710 together with PSI5 and SENT protocols the CANoe option .sensor is required.

Starting with CANoe 10.0 SP3 the general purpose digital interfaces SPI, UART, RS232, RS485, RS422, I2C and LVDS can be used in CANoe. The interfaces are located directly on the main board of the VT2710. The interfaces can be used with CANoe without the option .sensor.

The VT2710 is by default equipped with a second, dedicated FPGA, which has access to the VT system module’s hardware and CANoe.

For details see CANoe help for VT2710 and/or VT System Manual.

SENT: Single Edge Nibble Transmission for Automotive Applications.

CANoe with option SENSOR supports VT2710 and SENT specification J2716_201604 (which is compatible with all previous specifications starting 2007).

PSI5 (Peripheral Sensor Interface 5) is a current modulated 2-wire-interface for the digital communication between intelligent sensors and ECU. It is currently mainly used in airbag systems but there is a growing number of chassis or powertrain applications as well.

CANoe with option SENSOR supports PSI5 V2.2 (which is compatible with all previous specifications starting with V1.3).

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