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AVB Network Streaming with CANoe

Last updated: 2020-04-08

CANoe supports Video Streaming using AVTP or RTP as Transport Protocol, whereas several encoding possibilities are offered.

The stream can be saved in a standard media container type. The complete list of all possible types is to find in CANoe online help (Index= Media Formats). All streams that can be processed by Windows Media Player can also be processed by CANoe as long as the used encoding is supported by CANoe.

The table below gives an overview on which encoding standard is supported by which CANoe version and where a corresponding demonstration configuration can be found to build a remaining bus simulation. CANoe is used as a talker, sending on the Ethernet network a stream out of a media container.

AVB Interaction Layer containing
PTP (IEEE 802.1AS, based on IEEE 1588)/BMCA
supports the following protocols
 Encoding Transport
 AVTP/IEEE 1722  RTP/RFC 3550 + IEEE 1733 with options
  • UDP
  • TCP via interleaved
    binary data (RFC 7826)
  • IPv4
  • IPv6

PCM (uncompressed) 


CANoe 9.0 

 L16 out of RFC 3551

CANoe 10.0 SP2



ITU-T Rec. H.264/MPEG-4/AVC 
(MPEG-4/Part 10, ISO/IEC 14496-10) 

 CVF H.264 (incl. RFC 6184)

CANoe 10.0


 RFC 6184

CANoe 10.0 SP2



 CVF MJPEG (incl. RFC 2435)

CANoe 10.0
(Listener/Media Stream Control only)




CANoe 10.0SP2
(Listener/Media Stream Control only)




13818-1)/ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 

  MP2T out of RFC 2250

CANoe 10.0 SP2
(Simulation only, no Media Stream Control)

CANoe 13.0
(Support for multiplexing H.264 stream data into a MPEG2 transport stream)


Audio sample 


CANoe 9.0
(Talker only)



Video frame sync 
Video line sync 
Machine cycle 

updated: 2020-04-08          

CANoe X.x : Functionality
Sample Configuration in CANoe
Example Pool


Several other streaming encoding/formats are available but not all supported: MPTS video.... So please let us know which one you have in use, so that we can consider a support in a future version.

If you do not know the Media Type of your video stream please proceed like indicated in KB Article 981.

If you just need a stream visualization on a CANoe panel, consult KB Article 983.

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