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Video Streaming with CANoe

Last updated: 2017-09-18

CANoe 9.0 SP5 supports Video Streaming in H.264 format using CVF (AVTP as Transport Protocol, see also online help below). From CANoe 10 on, RTP is also supported as Transport Protocol (only H.264 encoding). Video Streaming in CVF-MJPEG Format is also possible.

Coming with one of the next versions of CANoe, the MJPEG encoding will also be supported for RTP.
The RTP-MP2T encoding is currently only available for rest bus simulation purposes (Listener/Talker support by means of the AVB IL), not for the Media Stream Control.

Several other Streaming Encoding/Format are available but not all supported: MPTS video.... So please let us know which one you have in use, so that we can consider a support in a future version.

From CANoe 9.0 on it is possible to display video streaming content. For this proceed like following:

  1. Open a new Ethernet configuration:
  2. Open a new Panel

  3. Choose in Toolbox a Media Stream Control, add it into the Panel, define its size using the mouse and its Media Stream ID (see also the note below)

  4. Adapt if necessary CANoe to the used AVTP Version and Ethertype:

Since CANoe 10 SP2 a Simulation based on a Replay Block is available as Sample configuration for RTP based Video Streaming. The corresponding CANoe 9.0 compatible configuration might be downloaded using the following link:

The Stream ID is part of the Stream Ethernet Frame that are transmitted by the camera and can be read in the Trace Window (see below). If you need help, please send us a logging file containing the stream.


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