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Performance Problem with CANoe Simulation Configuration

Last updated: 2017-07-10

Depending on the data base used as basis for the generation of a CANoe simulation, the resulting configuration sometimes contains a huge amount of data. This might lead to the following difficulties:

  1. Timeout Error during the configuration loading
    The loading of the generated remaining bus simulation might not only last long, which in some cases is quite normal, but also fail.
    Please change or add in CAN.INI the following section and slightly increase the RTDataTransferConnectionTimeout to 10/20/30/ ... until the configuration is finally loaded:

  2. Delay at Measurement Start and Desktop change
    CANoe loads all panels that are to be displayed within a desktop as soon as the desktop is selected. If the user selects another desktop, CANoe deletes all Panels that are not part of the new selected desktop. If your simulation contains a Main Panel (like for instance the one issued by the Model Generation Wizard- MGW), please let it be displayed on all desktops. This setting will assure that the Main Panel is only loaded once and therefor improve CANoe’s performance. 

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