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Time Stamp Generation

Last updated: 2019-07-10


(Start of Frame): for synchronization
RTR (Remote Transmission Request): RTR = 0 (dominant) data frame, RTR = 1 (recessive) remote frame
IDE (Identifier Extension): IDE=0 (dominant) for 11-Bit IDs, IDE = 1 (recessive) for 29-Bit IDs)
DLC (Date Length Code): number of data bytes in data field
CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum)
ACK (Acknowledgement)
EOF (End Of Frame)

TX and RX time stamp is generated on different points:


PRB: Preamble (Start of transmission)    Time Stamp: time_ns of ethernetPacket 
DA: Destination Address
SA: Source Address                                time_ns =  SOF + FrameLen 
Payload: Data field (42-1500 Byte)
CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check


LIN time stamp is generated at the end of the LIN message (in the last stop bit).


FlexRay time stamp is generated at the end of CID (Channel Idle Delimiter) - of static and dynamic frames.



MOST time stamp generation depends on the configured device mode:

Master/Slave: MOST time stamp is generated as soon as the MOST controller reports the received message or packet (after receiving and processing the message or packet internally).

Spy: MOST time stamp is generated with the last bit of the message or packet.

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